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In my two and a half years with BitClub Network in South Africa, I have seen that the people who do really well out of Bitclub are the ones in a winning team ie a team that hosts regular presentations, that meets with members of its downline, and that supports members of its downline with queries and problems.

On the converse, I’ve also seen people who start enthusiastically and who, after a time, lose their enthusiasm when they find that they are not getting the support they need ie people in a losing team.

These are people who give up after a while, and it’s really sad to see. Fact is, it’s hard working in a vacuum. Building a team is not always easy and it’s made harder if your upline sponsors are nowhere to be found when they’re needed.

We have own team, and it’s a fast-growing one. Why? Because the team-builders in our downline are – at all times – given the encouragement and support they require. My colleague Derek and I put great importance in being there for our members, and it’s heartening to hear that our support is appreciated. As is indicated by the following testimonials, which were given voluntarily by some of them. (Surnames have been removed to protect their identity):

“Bitcoin a great investment vehicle. I bought 3 pools in a week and have already earned my first cycle bonus of $200. I initially joined as a passive investor but now I am working on building a team after seeing the money-spinning potential of BitClub Network’s compensation plan”. Ricks, Johannesburg.

“Bitclub Network has opened up new doors of opportunity, wealth and business for all walks of life regardless of who you are and where you are from in Africa and the world. Cementing your future and your family’s for generations to come. So much support from our mentors like Gerard, Hanna and Derek. Joining Bitclub is the best decision I have ever made because I know me and my family will be good now and the future”. Noel, Johannesburg.

“Since joining Bitclub Network I have been absolutely amazed at how quickly one can build a very good income. I have been involved in other companies before but have never seen or experienced anything like this.

The support from Gerard and Derek has been incredible and having people with so much experience helping me build a business has made it so much easier. I truly believe that Bitclub Network is the one business that can help the ordinary person become financially independent in a relatively short space of time. Their systems, training and back-end support is unmatched in the industry. If you truly desire financial independence then Bitclub is definitely the right business to join” Rake, Durban.

“The support from Gerard & Derek is overwhelming. They will go out of their way any time of the day to ensure the members get all the support they need. Such a great inspiration” Phumzile, Johannesburg. 

“When getting involved in a business opportunity like this, the level of your success is largely determined by the support & coaching you receive from your sponsor and upline. I have been involved with a number of opportunities, but few with the level of dedicated and professional support our Bitclub team receives from Gerard and Derek!  Thanks for the awesome support guys, and wishing you more success in the future” Rob, Cape Town.

 I’ve been trying to mine bitcoin ever since I started investing in cryptocurrencies, and it’s been very difficult to mine as an individual….until a friend of mine told me about BitClub Network. Ever since I joined this mining company, I’ve been earning bitcoin on a daily basis…and it’s been the greatest decision I’ve ever made. In my opinion, BitClub Network is the ticket to financial freedom” Siphesihle, Johannesburg.

“So far I have had a great learning experience with the team, informative material and regular updates on all the activities that Bitclub are doing to empower individuals. I have had quick responses on all the questions I have had and the willingness to help is always positive” Godwin, Johannesburg.

“Thank you Gerard and Derek for your wonderful support over the past few weeks…you have helped me understand bitcoin and Bitclub Network, looking forward to building my team and working with you” Sanela, Johannesburg.

“Gerard & Derek, thank you for your excellent advice. Bitclub Network has opened a whole new incentive to generate a second income. Thank you for being part of this opportunity” Gerhardt, Pretoria.

“I’ve known Gerard for a number of years. When he first told me about BitClub Network (he was one of the first people in South Africa to join, more than two years ago), I could see how excited he was. Two years later, he has built a large team which appears to be growing really quickly. He is very good at providing the right kind of support and guidance and if you decide to join BitClub Network, you would do well to join his team. You will be in good hands as he is close to the person who brought Bitclub Network to Africa and has a solid understanding of where we are currently and what is planned for the future” Kenneth, Johannesburg

“Raving about your unwavering support in getting us set up and building our teams” Galebotse, Johannesburg.

“A big “thank you” for the favour you did for me and our team, when I started knowing about bitcoin and Bitclub. Indeed, you are not only the seed of hope for our company but our inspiration. Thanks for being very important to make my network grow and all the support you show me when I ask you questions. Without you and your dedication, I was not going to succeed with all the patience you show to our team.   I remember when I started without knowledge you were willing to journey with me. You are the best” Mighty, Stanger, KZN.

“Gerard and Derek, I am writing this email to say thank you for your support and guidance with regard to BitClub Network  and bitcoin. When I first heard about bitcoin it was something I didn’t understand but after the first call with Gerard I developed interest. I attended a presentation in Randburg and after that I knew that this was an opportunity I was not going to miss and I could not deny my son the same opportunity. That is when I joined 2 months ago and my son a month ago and I can’t say thank you enough for your guidance in the team. Bitcoin will help to eradicate poverty! Now I could look to my pension years with a smile knowing that bitcoin will take care of me. I hope soon my family members can understand this breakthrough and afford to buy even if it’s one pool. Thank u guys!” Tabea, Gauteng.

“I recently joined, and I have already seen gains in my portfolio. Gerard and Derek have also been very supportive and the team is truly dedicated to making me successful. I fully recommend and endorse BitClub Network and urge everyone who is serious about investing and building wealth, to sign up immediately and attend a presentation” Akash, Johannesburg

To us, it’s hugely important that those members of our team who intend building THEIR teams are equipped with the knowledge to do so. Bitcoin mining – and the crypto-currency space generally – is a difficult concept to grasp for some. We are not selling holidays, vitamins or a better skin. Therefore it is incumbent of us to educate. We know full well that their success will be our success, and for this reason, it’s our DUTY to provide the best support we can.

To this end, we give advice, answer questions, and post articles of interest on our whatsapp groups. (We have whatsapp groups in South Africa, Lesotho, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia, Zambia, Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana and Dubai). On a daily basis, we’re on hand to answer people’s questions. We meet with them, and their prospects, if required. We host a monthly presentation to which they can invite interested persons. And we provide bitcoin and BitClub Network marketing materials if needed. We do so because we’re a family and our members are treated as such.

If you’re planning on joining BitClub Network purely as an investor, and with no intention of building a team, it’s OK to join under (for example) a family member of friend as it’s not essential that you have a knowledgeable and supportive upline sponsor. But if you intend “recruiting” (I hate the word!) and introducing others ie building a team, it’s SERIOUSLY IMPORTANT that you’re well- supported and are in a team that is well-versed in the crypto-currency space. This is the best advice I can give. 

Before you can join, remember that you need to register as a free member first. And if you’d like to be in our team, here are the links to register on. (Either one is fine).

As soon as either Derek or I receive your free member registration, you’ll be emailed information and added to one of our whatsapp groups. But if you have ANY questions, feel free to call me at your convenience. 0834449888.

My binary credits

(By the way, if you’re not sure what this is, it’s the number of credits I have in the binary…I could explain this to if you’re interested..?)

Gerard Kavonic is one of the first people to have joined BitClub Network in South Africa. He has two websites: and  and co-runs a growing team around the world. Anyone wanting to join BitClub Network has to register as a free member first. If you don’t have anyone to register under, you’re welcome to join under Gerard. His username is gerard and his personal link is He can be reached on 083 444 9888 and on: and  If you’d like to connect with him on skype, his skype address is gerardkavonic



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