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Why anyone joining Bitclub Network should get to Builder rank as soon as possible.

Now that South Africa is in recession, it’s VITAL that all members of Bitclub Network currently at Miner rank get to Builder rank asap.

Why so? To start earning PASSIVE INCOME as soon as they can.

At Miner rank – the rank that all Bitcoin miners start off on when they join Bitclub Network – you are not earning passive income, but only earning through the Bitcoin mining side of the business.

(Note that when you join Bitclub Network, you can join as an investor only, or with the intention of building a team. The latter option is the network marketing or affiliate marketing side of the business, and whilst optional, is really where the money is made ie through the introducing of others and building a team.)

As mentioned, when you join Bitclub Network, you start at the rank of Miner. Once you introduce five people – who could be your children, family relatives, friends or business colleagues – and they have each brought in two miners, you progress to Builder rank, and in my opinion (as one of the first people to have joined Bitclub in South Africa, back in 2015), this is absolutely where you need to be.

Why do I say this? Because with the South African economy being on its knees as it is in the moment (and likely will be for some time to come), it’s becoming harder and harder for the average South African family to survive.

On the one side, businesses are downsizing (if not closing) whilst jobs are incredibly difficult to find and on the other side, the cost of living is skyrocketing. If it’s not fuel getting more expensive, it’s the cost of electricity, municipal services, groceries, school fees…the list is endless, and South Africans are having to tighten their belts like never before.

A solution to the problem? BITCLUB NETWORK.

Those who joined when Bitclub was introduced to Africa in 2015 are sitting pretty….especially those who saw the vision, and built large teams through the introducing of others.

Those who recently joined will have seen that the mining earnings have decreased due to the increasing difficulty of Bitcoin mining, and that if they want to make the big money, they really need to build a team.

Today, many are doing so….and in our team specifically, my colleague Derek and I are constantly encouraging our team members to, at the very least, bring in their family members.

Our advice, and this is advice we give strongly, is: IF YOU HAVE CHILDREN, buy them at least a mining pool share each. For one thing, you’ll be investing in their future and for another, you’ll be building your team by signing them up under your primary position. Once you’ve done this, look to members of your family to buy at least one mining share under your children.

If you can – within a relatively short period of time – sign up five miners, and get two miners under each of those miners, you will be at Builder rank and will start earning daily or weekly infinity commissions, giving you a passive income.

Now, whilst  only bringing in family members will not make you wealthy, it will at least have given you a foundation to work on, and as importantly, would have provided your family members with an opportunity to start building THEIR businesses.

Your next task would be to show them how to do this. But this is where we would help you – if you were in our team, that is. We place great store in supporting our team members, and because we have a good understanding of the Bitclub Network business, Bitcoin mining and the network marketing component of Bitclub Network, we have a lot of people joining us, from different countries in Africa, and further afield.

So, how to join Bitclub Network?

The first step is register as a free member on

The next step is to open a Bitcoin wallet on

The third step is to buy Bitcoin

The fourth step is to pay the once-off $99 upgrade fee in Bitcoin

The fifth step is to decide which mining pool you’d like to buy a share in:

Here are the costs for each pool share:

A Pool 1 share: $500 payable in bitcoin

A Pool 2 share: $1 000 payable in bitcoin

A Pool 3 share: $2 000 payable in bitcoin

A Founders Pool share: $3 500 payable in Bitcoin (One share in the Founders pool gives you one share in Pool 1, one share in Pool 2 and one share in Pool 3)

Regardless of which pool share you purchase, a 30 day waiting period applies before you start to earn. Your bitcoin is then mined for you over the full 1 000 day period. During these 1 000 days, the share or shares you bought – yes, you can buy as many shares as you like – accumulate partial shares so that by the end of your 3 year mining contract, your one share my have grown to two or even three shares. So not only do you benefit through having more shares, you also benefit through any increase in the price of bitcoin. It is for this reason that many people around the world are buying not just one share in a bitcoin mining pool, but tens of shares or in some cases, hundreds of shares in multiple mining pools. It all depends on the amount that you have available to invest.

The name of the game though is PASSIVE INCOME.

Even though I’m no financial advisor and am not qualified to offer financial advice, mining Bitcoin through the purchasing of shares in Bitclub Network mining pools could be something you’d want to look into. (In my opinion anyway).

Especially if you’re in South Africa, are concerned about the state of our economy and the constant rise in  the cost of living – and appreciate the importance of earning an annuity income!

Gerard Kavonic has been a member of Bitclub Network in South Africa since 2015 and is soon to achieve the rank of Master Builder. He has two websites and  and administers a fast-growing team around the world. Anyone wanting to join BitClub Network as a paid member must register as a free member first. If you have already been introduced to BitClub, you should register under that person, assuming that he or she has a good understanding of the business. This person would then constitute your upline sponsor. If you don’t have anyone to register under, you’re welcome to join on Gerard can be reached on +27 83 444 9888 and on and 


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