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Retrenched or facing retrenchment? Join Bitclub Network.

I’ve written on the subject of retrenchments and job losses in South Africa before, but having read the shocking news that Edcon and Edgars might have to lay off more than 25 000 people (if this is the correct figure?), thought I’d revisit the topic.

To have a long-standing and respected South African company like Edcon  and a well-loved South African brand like Edgars facing their demise is extremely worrying, and adds to an already enormous problem: the ballooning number of South Africans currently unemployed. (South Africa already has the 6th highest unemployment record in the world).

To be retrenched in an economy that is already on its knees is nothing less than a disaster.

Every retrenchment means another family without a breadwinner.

The chances of finding a replacement job? Not good. And until such time as this ailing economy turns the corner – and I mean, REALLY turns the corner – and the confidence levels within the business and investment community go up a few notches – jobs are going to be extremely hard to come by.

Bear in mind too that come January, thousands and thousands of school leavers join the “job market” (if one can call it that). Making the chances of finding a replacement job even more difficult – unless you are uniquely qualified, of course.

Joblessness leads to restlessness. Restlessness leads to frustration. Frustration leads to anger and hopelessness. And hopelessness leads to agitation, and even worse, desperation and possibly crime. Hardly what we need in South Africa today.

Many people about to lose their jobs will go into panic mode. Especially when the bills start to accumulate in January, with all their attendant increases. School fees will go up, insurances will cost more, fuel will probably go up again, as will electricity…whilst the cost of feeding one’s family goes through the roof. I really hope that those sinking into panic mode are in the minority, and that after a few deep breaths and a sobered look at things, the majority will realise that there ARE opportunities for those who seek them out.

One opportunity lies in network marketing.

Now I am fully aware that network marketing, or affiliate marketing as it is often called, does not appeal to everyone. Recruiting others is not something that we all like to do.

Indeed, when I started out in business more than 30 years ago (I’ve been in advertising for 30 years and have run a small ad agency in Johannesburg for about 20 years – see I promised myself that, come what may, I would NOT get involved in network marketing in any form, and that I would never try to “recruit” anyone. Fast forward 30 years, and network marketing and earning passive income has me hooked. In fact, when my advertising career winds to a close, I’ll be in my network marketing business full time.

Why so? Because NOTHING beats making money while you sleep.

In my Bitclub Network business, there have been many days when I log in to the back office of my website and find earnings that would take me weeks to earn through advertising. It’s just a great business to be in, and I’ve been in it for three years now.

So what is the business?

The mining of Bitcoin and other leading cryptocurrencies.

When I joined Bitclub Network in 2015, I was one of the first people in South Africa to do so. I was looking for something that interested me, and that would eventually take me out of advertising. Another motivating factor was the need to make decent money, and pay the ridiculous monthly school fees my wife and I have to come up with for our two boys.

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency – when first introduced to me – was just a whole new world, and it took me some time to get a decent understanding of things. What I saw after a while was that Bitcoin could constitute the FUTURE OF MONEY and the emergence of a whole new asset class. Sure, it still has a way to go before it becomes mainstream and there is wider adoption of Bitcoin as a means of payment, and a store of value, but I’m earning money in the meantime, and growing a large team through Africa.

In 2015, there were perhaps a few hundred Bitclub Network members worldwide. Today, there are more than 675 000 members globally. That is significant growth in anyone’s language!

And where Bitclub Network started off as a miner of Bitcoin (through its mining facility in Rekjavik, Iceland), updates released to members within the last week or two, point to it becoming so much more than a Bitcoin mining operation in the near future.

Within the new few months, members will see the roll-out of the global Bitcoin merchant platform, Coinpay, a Bitcoin trading platform, a personal concierge service that will result in cheaper airfares and hotel accommodation…and a number of other crypto-related products and services that have not been announced as yet.

Exciting times await for those who are already members of Bitclub Network and those joining Bitclub Network. This is for sure.

Unlike all the scams and pyramid schemes out there, Bitclub Network has been in existence for four years, is on the Blockchain – see – and has just opened brand new offices in Rosebank, Johannesburg.

More than this, it already boasts more than 10 000 members in South Africa and commission payments are made at 21h00 each night to all those members due commissions.

In the three years that Bitclub has been in South Africa, millionaires have been made, and lives have been changed.

This is not just talk, but fact – and anyone attending one of the presentations at the new offices will be able to meet some of these people.

The bottom line is this: if you’ve been retrenched, or about to be retrenched, DON’T lose hope.

Network marketing could well be worth looking into, and who knows, you may never look back.

In fact, what I’d suggest is that IF you reside in Gauteng, you attend a presentation.

And if you live outside of Gauteng, you register as a free member on the link below and join our SA whatsapp group for more info.

If you don’t like what you see or hear (it’s OK not to believe in Bitcoin!), all well and good…you can just exit and it won’t cost you a cent.

If on the other hand you see the big picture and decide to join Bitclub Network by using some of your retrenchment package on a Bitcoin mining pool, you could find yourself in a whole new business, with a long and prosperous life ahead of you.

Gerard Kavonic has been a member of Bitclub Network South Africa since 2015 and is soon to achieve the rank of Master Builder. He has two websites and  and co-administers a fast-growing team globally. Anyone wanting to join BitClub Network as a paid member must register as a free member first. If you don’t have anyone to register under, you’re welcome to join under Gerard. His username is bitcoingerard and his personal link is He can be reached on +27 83 444 9888 and on and








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