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In the three years that I’ve been a member of Bitclub Network in South Africa, I have seen many people join this great business with great expectations..only to either temper their expectations after a while, or to give up on their dreams after a few years.

I find this such a pity, simply because as a business opportunity, Bitclub Network is – in my opinion – unrivalled. It has an incredibly generous compensation plan and a product of great interest to a great many people. Despite its fall in price over the last year, Bitcoin remains an enigma. People either can’t understand it or can’t categorise it – is it a currency? An asset? A store of value? Or something in between? – yet they remain fascinated by it. This is not something one can say about products marketed by other network marketing companies or multi-level marketing companies (MLMs).

Of the more than 10 000 paid members of Bitclub Network in this country, I’d wager that only a small percentage are really making huge money on a monthly basis. Whilst this is expected, there should be a lot more – given the nature of the product, the compensation plan and the interest around cryptocurrencies in general.

One of the reasons for many members failing to fulfil their expectations in this excellent business is THE TEAM THAT THEY JOIN. I put this is capital letters to emphasise the importance of this fact!

(For people reading this blog unfamiliar with Bitclub Network: anyone wanting to join as a paid member needs to register as a free member first. Then they upgrade. Then they buy a share in a mining pool).

The MOST IMPORTANT thing in this joining process is who you register as a free member under.

So many people in South Africa make the mistake of registering under a person who has, if not NO knowledge of the business, then an extremely LIMITED knowledge of the business. This puts them at a disadvantage from the get-go. Bitclub Network is a complex business. As opposed to selling ice cream or energy drinks or holidays, Bitcoin needs to be explained – and Bitclub Network’s compensation plan and its various revenue streams need to be explained.

If you register under a person who lacks knowledge him or herself, who is going to help you? The point being, the person you register under as a free member will be your upline sponsor and you will be in his or her team. Your sponsor will then have the RESPONSIBILITY to support you. If he or she can’t – or worse, WON’T – what then?

I have written about this before, but there are way too many people in our country who attend a presentation, get excited, join and rush out to recruit. This, WITHOUT ATTENDING TRAINING. This, without soaking up as knowledge as they can with a view to gaining a full understanding of what we have here. By not doing so, they do themselves a serious disservice – and they do their team members a serious disservice.

I have lost count of the number of Bitclub Network members who contact either myself or my colleague Derek to ask even the most basic of questions eg how do I withdraw? How do I log in to my back office? Where do I see my mining earnings? Where do I find my personal link? What do I tell people?

In my view, anyone joining Bitclub Network as a paid member MUST attend at least ONE training session at the offices in Johannesburg immediately upon joining. (IF they are not in Gauteng, then that person’s upline sponsor should set up a whatsapp or Google Hangouts call with the new member and take them through things).

This training should be the absolute minimum requirement.

In our team, the first thing we do to people registering under us as free members is send them information to go through. Then we add them to one of our whatsapp groups. (We have whatsapp groups in a number of countries in Africa).

We then encourage them to ask questions on the groups. We then encourage those who are in Gauteng who want to upgrade and join as paid members to meet with us. Those who are NOT in Gauteng (wherever they are in the world) are encouraged to set up a whatsapp or Google Hangouts call with us, so we can explain the compensation plan and back office.

Once they are paid members, we explain that the potentially big earnings lie in the building of teams, as opposed to in the mining of Bitcoin – and encourage team-building ONCE they have learnt the business.

To many people, “recruiting” does not come naturally, and truth be told, many new members do not feel comfortable or confident “recruiting”. In our team, many of our downline members join with the intention of doing nothing more than investing and buying shares in mining pools. (Nothing wrong with that). But in time, they tell us their family members or friends want to join.

We show them how. Before they know it, they are building their teams!

Derek and I get great pleasure in seeing our team members succeed. To us, it’s not so much the commissions we earn but the satisfaction of seeing those in our team grow and by putting in the required effort, find success.

Aside from educating our team members as we much as we can, we make available marketing materials ranging from email signatures to business cards and from brochures to flyers, car magnets, pull-up banners and website designs.

We encourage those who SEE THE VISION to hold their own presentations, and to be comfortable presenting. At the end of the day, the more presentations they hold, the more their teams will grow and the faster they will grow.

The top earners in Bitclub Network – the majority of whom are in Japan, South Korea and Malaysia – are making insane money. This is all about duplicating what they have done during the four years that Bitclub Network has been in existence.

Success starts by being in a WINNING team….and registering as a free member under someone who UNDERSTANDS the business and is there to SUPPORT you through thick and thin.

For network marketers in Africa, and for those wanting passive income, Bitclub Network is a business like no other.

Gerard Kavonic has been a member of Bitclub Network South Africa since 2015 and has achieved the rank of Master Builder. He has two websites and  and co-administers a fast-growing team globally with his business partner and colleague, Derek Clements. Anyone wanting to join BitClub Network as a paid member must register as a free member first. If you don’t have anyone to register under, you’re welcome to join under either Gerard or Derek. Their usernames are BITCOINGERARD and MICHAEL1978 and their personal links are and Gerard can be reached on +27 83 444 9888 and on and 





  • Bassie Posted August 25, 2019 3:20 pm

    I’ve been in this business and I have sign anyone under my name. How can I convince people that bitclubnetwork is real

    • Bassie Posted August 25, 2019 3:22 pm

      I have not sing anyone under my name

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