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Is it still worth buying a share in a Bitclub Network Bitcoin mining pool? Yes or no?

As a member of Bitclub Network in South Africa since 2015, and as a Master Builder, I get asked this question a LOT.

And my answer is: it depends.

If you are looking to join Bitclub Network purely as an investor (a “miner” in other words), and you have NO intention of recruiting others and building a team, my suggestion is that you wait until such time as the Bitcoin price rises significantly and the mining earnings improve. (I believe that this might happen towards the end of this year, or the first or second quarter of next year).

If you are looking to buy a share in a mining pool AND introduce others so as to build a team, my suggestion would be that you join asap.

I say this because Bitclub Network’s compensation plan is excellent: hugely generous. (If you’d like to view the video explaining the compensation plan, you’re welcome to email me on

Over the last year or so, Bitclub Network’s mining shares have not been good. Whereas in 2015 and 2016, mining earnings were excellent (between 3 and 5% return per month on average), they are now less than 1% per month.

Low mining earnings are an INDUSTRY problem, not exclusive to Bitclub Network.

Can they improve? Yes of course. When? No one can predict this, although a higher Bitcoin price of late shows encouraging signs of a turnaround.

This video explains Bitcoin mining and the challenges that are currently being faced – and is well worth watching in my opinion:

Unless you are joining Bitclub Network with the intention of building a team, I PERSONALLY would not join at this stage.

If you ARE intending to build a team – join.

Here are the steps to take:

Register as a free member under an existing paid member. Ask the existing member to either enrol you, or to send you their personal link.

If you don’t KNOW a paid member, you’re welcome to use my link.

If you do register on my link, you’ll be in my team and will be added to our whatsapp group. Once you’ve registered as a free member, you’ll need to open a Bitcoin wallet and buy Bitcoin. (If you need help with this, we can assist you).

Once you’ve bought your bitcoin, you’ll need to upgrade and then buy a share in a Bitcoin mining pool.

The cost of a share in a Bitclub mining pool?

1 share in Pool 1 will cost $500 (Pool 1 is the entry level pool)

1 share in Pool 2 will cost $1 000

1 share in Pool 3 will cost $2 000

1 share in the Founders Pool – giving you 1 share in each of the three pools – will cost $3 500

(Note that all share purchases need to be paid in Bitcoin).

The most important thing in the joining process is deciding who to register under.

If you register under someone who DOES NOT have a good understanding of the Bitclub Network business, you may encounter problems down the line. (Simply because this is a complex business, and sadly, many Bitclub Network members do not equip themselves with the required knowledge to fully support their team members – this is my opinion, anyway)

Our advice to people who want to join Bitclub Network purely as investors/miners? Or who don’t have the approximately R8 500 to buy the entry level pool, Pool 1?

Message me on whatsapp +27 83 444 9888. My name is Gerard.

Gerard Kavonic was one of the first people to join Bitclub Network South Africa in 2015. He has the rank of Master Builder. He has two websites: and and co-administers a sizeable team with his business partner, Derek. Note that anyone wanting to join BitClub Network as a paid member must register as a free member first. If you’ve already been introduced to BitClub Network, you should register under that person, assuming that he or she has a good understanding of the business. If you don’t have anyone to register under, you’re welcome to join under username GERARD or on the following link: Gerard can be reached on +27 83 444 9888 and on and


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