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One question being asked more and more of Bitclub Network…is there actually a Bitcoin mining facility in Montana, USA?

I’m not sure what brought this about – possibly one person in our team posting this question – but all of a sudden, we’re getting a number of people in our Bitclub Network whatsapp group, asking the question:

Is there really a Bitclub Network mining facility in Montana in the United States?

The question has caught me off-guard, because I always took it for granted that there WAS a facility there, following the announcement in an update last year.

But now that this question is being asked (more than likely due to the low mining earnings of late and the complaints around them), it’s worth looking into the issue closely –

especially since all the promised added power from the new facility might have been expected to have resulted in higher mining earnings by now…

If there IS actually a facility, where is the proof?

A Google search reveals nothing. One would have thought that there might have been a photograph or two – but alas, nothing.

Now I’m not a doubter at all, and I have never doubted Bitclub Network’s claims before, but showing proof that the facility actually exists would stop any doubting Thomases in their tracks. After all, photographs and videos were made available showing members visiting the Bitclub Network mining facility in Rekjavik, Iceland two years or so back – so why no visual proof now?

(At this point, let me just assure any readers that I am nothing more than just a member. Yes, I am at Master Builder rank, and yes, I have a sizeable team under me, but I am no more than this. Just a Bitclub Network member like any other Bitclub Network member, having joined back in 2015 and purchased shares in numerous Bitclub Network mining pools, which I still have to this day).

Anyone following my blog will be aware that my most recent blogs are all centered around the recent mining earnings, and the fact that they are so low as to be concerning. A sentiment clearly shared by a number of people in our downline.

It is not an exaggeration to mention that there is not a day that either my colleague Derek or I don’t get calls from people asking why the Bitcoin mining earnings are so low, and truth be told, we are exhausted trying to pacify them.

Other than forwarding the latest Bitclub updates, there is nothing we can tell them.

Now there’s the question around the supposedly new date center, or mining facility, in Montana.

Does it exist? And if so, why have there been no material increases in the mining earnings with the added hashpower? Especially with the Bitcoin price having gone up from the low $3000’s to the current $10 600.

Surely, with the promised added hashpower, and an increase in the Bitcoin price, we should have seen significantly higher mining earnings by now? Instead, they remain a pittance.

(I stand to be corrected, but a Pool 1 share yields a return of approximately 61c per day, a Pool 2 share approx. R1.06 per day, a Pool 3 share approx. R1.82 per day, and a Founders pool, approx. R3.49 per day – based on today’s bitcoin price, AND one’s repurchase percentage being on zero . This is WAY lower than what they were when I first joined in 2015)

No wonder people are frustrated. They hear of another Bitcoin mining operation (I will omit the name for obvious reasons) generating really decent returns and ask – quite rightly – why Bitclub’s returns are not as good? These are legitimate questions, and people who have paid good money for their mining pool shares have every right to ask them.

To be honest, my colleague and I are getting a little tired of trying to defend Bitclub Network as an organisation.

Whilst there ARE updates, they are far too infrequent in my opinion.

Also, it should be borne in mind that many members do not fully understand the concept of Bitcoin mining. All they want is a decent return. That – and to have the assurance they will NOT lose their money, and hopefully, get their money back after the 1000 days of their mining contracts…

Too much to ask? I wonder…

Gerard Kavonic was one of the first people to join Bitclub Network South Africa in 2015. He has the rank of Master Builder. He has two websites: and and co-administers a fast-growing team around the world with his business partner and colleague, Derek Clements. Anyone wanting to join BitClub Network as a paid member must register as a free member first. If you’ve already been introduced to BitClub Network, you should register under that person, assuming that he or she has a good understanding of the business. (This is hugely important!). If you don’t have anyone to register under, you’re welcome to join under username GERARD or on the following link: Gerard can be reached on +27 83 444 9888 and on and



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