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Questions you need to ask before even thinking of joining Bitclub Network.

I’ve been a member of Bitclub Network in South Africa since 2015.

During this time, I’ve seen so many people JOINING this business not LEARNING the business.

This is hugely problematic in my opinion, and here’s why:

In an effort to maximise their earnings, they rush to “recruit” and conveniently forget to “educate”. The result of this, is that today, there are so many Bitclub Network members in this country who have absolutely no idea as to what’s going on. They don’t know what they’ve bought into. They don’t understand the concept of Bitcoin mining. The don’t understand the concept of trading Bitcoin. They don’t understand the Bitclub Network compensation plan. And they don’t know what to say to others who may want to also join the business.

What’s made matters worse is that many of the Bitclub Network members who recruited new members into their Bitclub Network businesses have since left Bitclub Network for other Bitcoin mining operations, or other network marketing or affiliate marketing online platforms. And have made themselves unavailable to answer their team members’ questions, or help with their issues.

Totally disappointing, in my opinion.

The result is that there are today hundreds (if not thousands) of Bitclub Network members in South Africa today who are clueless, aggrieved, left abandoned, with nobody to support them.

What do many of them do? Go online and find the likes of me, who have an established online presence.

There is hardly a day in which I am not asked questions like: why are the Bitcoin mining earnings so poor? Why is Bitclub Network no longer appearing on the hashrate distribution piechart on Why can’t I withdraw my investment after my 1 000 days of mining? What percentage should I have my mining pools set to? Why is there no information on the new mining facility in Montana, USA? Where is Russ these days? What exactly happened between Russ and Joe Abel? How much can I earn per day? Is it true that I can earn $200 per day when I cycle? How do I do my Bitclub KYC, and why is it necessary? And so on and so on and so on.

It is exhausting answering these questions when you get asked them every single day! With all due respect, they are questions that need to be answered by a member’s upline sponsor. After all, I am just another member.

Problem is, most of their upline sponsors are either a) unavailable b) ignorant themselves c) disinterested. Or they have moved on to other network marketing opportunities or affiliate marketing opportunities, as previously mentioned.

This being the case, here’s some advice from the heart: IF you are looking to join Bitclub Network, ask the person who is trying to recruit you the following questions:

How long has Bitclub Network been in business?

Where are its mining facilities?

What is Bitcoin mining, exactly?

What is meant by “hashrate”?

What is “hashpower”?

What is meant by “hitting blocks”?

Why is Bitclub Network no longer on the hashrate distribution piechart on

What products are offered by Bitclub Network other than Bitcoin mining?

How does the compensation plan work?

Is it mandatory to recruit?

What are the costs of the various mining pools?

What are the benefits attached to introducing others and building a team?

What is a “cycle”?

Where is the potentially big money made in Bitclub Network?

How much money have you made? (Can you show me proof?)

How long have you been in the business?

How long do you expect to remain in the business?

DEMAND answers to these questions. They should be reasonably easy to answer, and it is the RESPONSIBILITY of the person trying to recruit you to answer them. He or she will be your upline sponsor and should be expected to support you going forward.

If he or she cannot give you the answers you need, it’s your right to look for an upline sponsor who can! After all, it’s your hard earned money that you’re looking to invest, so you are absolutely within your rights to ask as many questions as you wish.

Gerard Kavonic was one of the first people to join Bitclub Network South Africa in 2015. He has the rank of Master Builder. He has two websites: and and co-administers a fast-growing team around the world with his business partner and colleague, Derek Clements. Anyone wanting to join BitClub Network as a paid member must register as a free member first. If you’ve already been introduced to BitClub Network, you should register under that person, assuming that he or she has a good understanding of the business. (This is hugely important!). If you don’t have anyone to register under, you’re welcome to join under username GERARD or on the following link: Gerard can be reached on +27 83 444 9888 and on and





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